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Iron Edda: Tales of the Skalds

Iron Edda: Tales of the Skalds

We talked about Tales of the Skalds back in November and had intended to launch the Kickstarter for it before Thanksgiving. We ran into some delays there, not the smallest of which was our realization that we needed more words for Karthun. So Brian and I decided to delay the launch.

We are pleased to announce that Tales of the Skalds will go live next week. The KS page is done, and the short stories are written and edited. We need a little more work on the accompanying essays, and that’s it. As well, we’re working up pitches for additional short stories in case we need to add more content to the book.

The Shape of Things to Come

We want to make more small things like this to support the product lines we have. Iron Edda is a rich world that deserves short stories and more game content. As well, Karthun will need content like this (which is especially good, as I’ll be writing some short stories for backers as part of that campaign). I’d like to see Dead Scare get content like this, too. School Daze also needs more content, but I think what we end up writing to extend School Daze will look a little different; we’re still thinking through that.

As well, were working on Vakyries, too. Right now, I’m putting Demon Hunters through its paces (see here), and once I get a handle on the system we’ll begin fleshing things out there. We have a lot on our plates right now, so we’re not going to rush Valkyries; it’ll be done when it’s done.

In the meantime, look for Tales of the Skalds to launch next week.