Tales of the Skalds is a new collection of fiction, essays, and Fate game content for Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone. It contains five short stories, essays about gender and disability, and (among other things) new options for runes in Midgard, including how to do Iron Edda-style runecastings.

The campaign is going to run for 18 days, one day for each rune in the original runic list in Iron Edda. The runes play an important role in life after the Bonebonded appear in Midgard. Before Ragnarok, before the Bonebonded, people chose runes sparingly. Now, years of war against mighty foes have seen many looking for a path to power that does not involve the binding of one’s soul to that of a dead giant.

We’re excited about this project, and hope you are too. Please spread the word, and invite more people to adventure through the setting of Iron Edda!