A World on the Brink

Peril surrounds the denizens of Karthun; above their heads, below their feet, and to the sides, wherever they look. A chain in the depths of the world, holds back the Worldfire, forged one desperate link at a time.

Factions Vie for Power

The Crawl seek power, looking to subjugate the races they deem as inferior. They are but one of the factions that seek to claim the whole of Karthun as their own.

Safety in Numbers is the Hope

People band together in cities like Narhal, hoping to keep the dangers of the world at bay. But even where people gather for safety, darkness lurks.

A Land in Need of Heroes

Explore the world of Karthun and discover the wonders and horrors that reside there. With blade and magic, carve your name in the history of the realm and forge your own link in the chain.

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