Hi everyone!

We’re are very excited to announce a new Iron Edda project coming to Kickstarter in just a couple of weeks! Take a gander below:

Iron Edda: Tales of the Skalds

Iron Edda: Tales of the Skalds

Tales of the Skalds is a sourcebook for War of Metal and Bone, and will contain short stories that are linked with essays, information, and game content for your War of Metal and Bone game. The five short stories are already written and edited, and I am wrapping up the game content between now and the Kickstarter launch. This is a simple project designed to bring you more excellent War of Metal and Bone content, and nothing more. Our last attempt at an Iron Edda Kickstarter was far too complicated, so we’re taking a different approach this time around. Only a few reward tiers (PDF and print), and stretch goals will add more stories and content. If things go well, we could even unlock a second volume of this type of book.

We want to produce more things like this for Iron Edda, and our other lines. We’ve got the resources to do them more easily than full books, and that keeps Kickstarter costs down, which is good. Supporting product lines is new to us, so if there’s a particular kind of content you’d like to see going forward, let us know.

Valkyries, and Other Projects

We’re still working on Valkyries, and you can expect a new post about that within the next couple of weeks as well. Also, we’re in the process of transitioning my personal Patreon over to support Exploding Rogue projects. The text for Karthun: Lands of Conflict has had additional content added to it, and is in editing. DEAD SCARE is final text-wise, and is entering the art and layout stage. We’ve also got a few other things brewing, and we’ll announce those when the time is right.

We’ve not been regular enough about our posting here, and I aim to change that moving forward. If you have anything you’d like to know about specifically, let us know!