Effective immediately, Exploding Rogue Studios has suspended sales of all of its titles via DriveThruRPG. A game was released to DriveThru called Tournament of Rapists. It is a horrendous title for a product that makes the RPG industy less inclusive and welcoming. In fact, it is openly hostile to everything we feel RPGs should represent or stand for.

DriveThruRPG has not pulled the title, and has responded extremely poorly to the situation.

This suspension of sale is indefinite. We are working to get our own sales portal active immediately. If you agree with our choice of action on this matter, please let DriveThruRPG know.

EDIT (8-30-15): Our own webstore is now active! 

Go ahead and browse our games and books. If you come across any issues, please let us know!

EDIT 2 (8-31-15): A Product Bundle+Charity Support



Hey, don’t look here! Check the update below!

EDIT 3 (8-31-15 – evening): Why just a bundle?

Bundles are weird. And we have a store full of products. Instead of the product bundles, here’s what we’re going to do: For the month of September, 35% of all sales of Exploding Rogue Products will go to an anti-rape charity.

Rather than do the bookkeeping that the bundles require, we’ll track all sales now through Sept 30, and donate 35% to a yet-to-be-determined rape prevention charity. We’re still doing research on which one, and we’re happy to take suggestions!

Check out the Exploding Rogue online store, and support a great cause!

EDIT (9/4/15): Moving in the Right Direction

We’ve got a response to DTRPG’s new content policy. Check it out here.