Tracy Avatar 2Hi!!! (from Tracy)

Ahhh… smell that? Fresh paint, drywall, sawdust. It’s the smell of something new. Exploding Rogue Studios is just that.

Well, except for the fresh paint, drywall, and sawdust. This is a website. I don’t know how you build websites, but we don’t use those kinds of materials. Ones and zeroes, mostly, arranged in a visually pleasing fashion.

A few months ago, I realized I wanted a fresh start. Not that things with Sand & Steam Productions were going poorly; far from it! But when I started Sand & Steam, I made the progress I made through a combination of blind luck and intuition. As I’ve seen what can happen with game design and novel writing, I’ve wanted a stronger company backbone to support that awesome stuff. I needed a clear vision, and more importantly, I needed a partner.

And that’s where Brian came in.

When I was thinking about who I could ask to partner with me, Brian was the first person I thought of. We’ve worked together on multiple projects, and we talk to each other in a way that gets us both excited. (Yeah, I said it). And at the same time, we’re able to rein each other in when the time comes. And I was unbelievably gratified when Brian said yes.

Exploding Rogue is the result of our efforts. It’s a place where we can work together to combine the work we’ve both done in the past, and make awesome things together in the future. We’ve got a lot of big plans and we’re excited to work on them.

Also, dick jokes. So. Many. Dick jokes.

More to Come

GenCon is this weekend, so we’re busy with all that is awesome in gaming in Indianapolis. Brian’ll have more words for you when we both get back! Until then,