It’s that time of year, again. Close to 60,000 people will descend on Indianapolis, IN in search of games, friends, and a damn good time. I’ve been going to GenCon for the last four years, and I’m more excited for this one than I’ve been for any of the previous.

Brian and I will both be there, representing ourselves, and Exploding Rogue. Here’s where to find us!


Brian is holding his 4th Annual D20Monkey and Dick Jokes panel Saturday evening at 4pm. (SEM1574161) Come by for a look into Brian’s psyche. You’ll be changed forever.

In addition, Brian has sessions of Karthun prepped, and will be doing pick-up games, likely in the basement of the JW Marriot. Keep an eye on his Twitter to see what’s up, and when.


I’m lucky enough to be a GenCon Industry Insider this year, so that means I’ve got a bunch of panels I’m on. Here they are, in order:

SEM1580462:Designing for Players – Thursday at 11:00am

SEM1580470: Getting Started in the Game Industry – Friday at 10:00am

SEM1573811: Getting Started in the Gaming Industry – Friday at 1:00pm (I submitted this before I knew I was an Insider, so you get a double helping of me talking about getting going on Friday)

SEM1573812: Crowdfunding Your Project – Friday at 3:00pm

SEM1580476: Is My Game Done? – Saturday at 11:00am (Short answer: no. Great panel, everyone!)

SEM1580458: Building A Studio From The Ground Up – Saturday at 1:00pm

SEM1580457: Bouncing Back From a Failed Initial Kickstarter – Saturday at 6:00pm

SEM1580471: Getting The Word Out – Social Media & Gaming – Sunday at 10:00am

I’ll also be running pick-up games of War of Metal and Bone, and Vault Hunters playtests, in the same JW Marriot basement as Brian. Keep an eye on my Twitter for those details.


Brian and I are thrilled to offer the 1st Annual Exploding Rogue Summit! (SEM1573810). It’s Saturday at 1:00pm. Last year, I crashed D20Monkey and Dick Jokes 3, and we announced the formation of Exploding Rogue Studios, and the launch of Karthun. Come by this year for a look at where we’ve been, and where we plan to go.


Hot damn, that’s a lot of the two of us. Find us, say hi, and have a blast at GenCon 2015!