Many thanks to the players at the recent Camp NC Gameday for letting me use their characters as the basis for these characters. I love the inspiration that happens at the table when making characters for an Iron Edda game. These were excellent characters. This post presents two of them. The other two will come next week.

The Loyal and WIlling

When Astled Bettasson needed to send a group to investigate the happenings north of the holdfast, he chose those both loyal and willing. One fights out of a sense of duty and a debt owed. The other continues to move to avoid the past that hounds him.

Hrolf Boneforged

Refresh: 2


High Concept
Disgraced Former Blacksmith

They’re Dead, and It’s All My Fault

Bond Aspect – An Fang, Fire Giant
Through Friction Comes the True Fire

Scared Item
My Dead Son’s Toy Sword

I Fought Alongside Erik When We Were Young


+4 – Physique
+3 – Fight, Will
+2 – Athletics, Craft, Provoke
+1 – Sail, Shoot, Resources, Ride

Extra – Bonebound to An Fang the Fire Giant

+3 – Forceful
+2 – Wrathful
+2 – Quick
+1 – Careful
+1 – Clever
+0 – Flashy


Wrath of Flame (Bonebonded) – On a Success With Style when I Wrathfully Attack, I Create an Advantage related to fire rather than just getting a Boost.

My Hammer Arm – I can use Physique instead of Craft when forging a weapon designed to operate at Giant Scale.

To Spit in the Eyes of the Gods (Bonebonded) – I can spend a Fate Point to operate at Epic Scale for an exchange.

Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 4
Giant Stress: 4

Hrolf was born Hrolf Dagnasson. His mother was one of the craftspeople who helped maintain the Golden Halls for the Clan of the Hammer. He carried on that lineage, becoming a blacksmith of some renown. When the dwarves came, as happened in so many lives, that changed.

A dwarven raid killed his partner and the children they called their own. Those slain had been wearing armor and had borne arms crafted by Hrolf himself. They those crafts were not able to protect them ruined Hrolf. He withdrew, seeking answers. He began to craft weapons that could assault the dwarves directly. He forged day and night. In the end, he found the answer he sought, not in metal, but in fire.

The first Bonebinding opened paths of contact between the humans of Midgard and the place where the dead giants slept their dreamless sleep. Through forgefire and sacrifice, Hrolf reached into that place and called An Fang to him. Hrolf forged his own bond with aid or guidance from a Seer, one hammer strike after another.

Now, he seeks to expiate his grief. He uses the wrath of An Fang to bring destruction to those who brought ruin to him.

Erik Ragnarsson

Refresh: 4


High Concept
Taciturn Wandering Mercenary

The Wolves of My Past Dog my Footsteps

Clan Aspect – Bear
The Beast Must be Bested

Scared Item
The Lid to the Last Ale Pot I Ever Drank

I Watch Thorsten… For a Price


+4 – Shoot
+3 – Stealth, Athletics
+2 – Notice, Fight, Empathy
+1 – Will, Investigate, Ride, Rapport


Secrets of My Past – I get a +2 on Investigate rolls to Overcome when I am working to sniff out those who hunt me.

Trick Shot – I get a +2 to Attack with Shooting when I draw unnecessary and/or unhelpful attention to myself.

The Bigger They Are… – I can spend a Fate Point to operate at Giant Scale for an exchange.

Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 3

Erik Ragnarsson was once a great performer, a master of the bow. He made his coin by traveling the length and breadth of Midgard, challenging people to contests in Holdfasts and Meadhalls across the land. Unfortunately for him, his penchant for drink took all of that away from him.

In a holdfast in the far north, Erik drank too much, bragged too much, and somehow convinced the Jarl’s son to stand as target for one of his tricks. His arrow went astray, not killing, but crippling the boy. Erik managed to escape with his life, and little else. Even now, the Jarl sends people to find Erik and make him pay for his past deeds.

Erik will not speak of his past. Anyone who asks is met with a level stare at best, and a nocked arrow. However, he still cannot resist a challenge and cannot resist showing his skill. Thanks to his vow to never drink again, he rarely misses a shot. His skill has made him an excellent mercenary for hire, a life that lets him stay one step ahead of those who hunt him. He refuses to face and kill them, as his guilt is already too great.

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