I’m working on the next post in the series I’m doing on making a quest generation table, rather than a holdfast generation table and it’s proving to be enough work that I’m going to need extra time get it done properly.

In the meantime, I didn’t want to leave you without any Thorsday material, so here’s a new NPC ready for you to drop into your Iron Edda game!

Leif Greenstrider

Refresh: 3


High Concept
Pacifistic Arcane Herbalist

Wolves are Baying for My Blood

The Pack Was All

Sacred Item
The Recipe Notes I’ve Gathered


+4 – Crafts
+3 – Lore, Resources
+2 – Empathy, Rapport, Notice
+1 – Deceive, Ride, Stealth, Will


Seer Magic
Use Lore to create magical advantages, attack, and defend.


Arcane Herbalism –  +2 to create advantages using Lore when the advantage represents the creation of an herbal concoction: poultice, potion, balm, etc.

That’s Not Safe to Eat – When outside of the holdfast, use Resources to hunt, gather food, or identify plantlife.

Wild Growth – Once per exchange, spend a fate point to immediately create an advantage using plant life to bind or restrain a giant-scale target or all human-scale targets in a zone. The difficulty to overcome this advantage is two plus the rating on your Lore skill.

Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 3

For as long as Leif could remember, they loved the outdoors. They would spend as much time as they could roaming the hills around Steinhame, looking for new growth and discovering the world around them. Their parents did not think this a good use of their time. However, they were busy merchants with five other children to tend, so Leif got to roam largely as they wished.

When the time came for Leif to join a clan, they joined the Wolf Clan, swearing an oath before Odin to protect their pack.

When the time came that the dwarves attacked, Leif was nowhere to be found, having gone on excursion days before. When they returned to Steinhame, their clan mates set upon them, furious that Leif was not there to defend those they called clan mate. Leif struck out with their magic, calling the very plants around the Wolves to entangle and bind.

That is the day that Leif left home, and they have not been back since.

Their binding of the Wolves seemed to Odin as a breaking of their vow, and so Leif is cursed. No matter where they go, if there is a Wolf Clan member near them, the Wolf will become enraged, knowing that Leif betrayed that trust of the ones they were to call clam mate.

Leif now wanders Midgard, seeking knowledge of all things green and growing. They also seek to find a way to lift their curse so that they may search and discover in peace.

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