Iron Edda Bundle

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The original War of Metal and Bone, plus Sveidsdottir for one price!

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Enter the world of Midgard!

Buy War of Metal and Bone and get the book, Sveidsdottir, for free.

In War of Metal and Bone, you will take on the roles of the bravest warrior of Midgard, fighting against the dwarven forces of Ragnarok. Using the rules found in Fate Core and Fate Accelerated, you and your friends will tell the stories of those who will save the world.

in Sveidsdottir, you will enter the story of Sigrid, a young woman blessed by the spirit of a Valkyrie. When her holdfast is attacked by the dwarves, she journeys to take on the power of the Bonebonded. Every choice has a cost and Sigrid’s choices could cost her everything.

Your copies of both hardback books will be signed and personalized, if you wish. Just let us know to whom you would like to have the books dedicated. In addition, you will also receive the digital copies of both books in PDF and ePub, as appropriate. The shipping cost is inclusive of both books, which will be shipped together.

Take the plunge and enter the world of Midgard. Your world will never be the same.

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