By now, you’ve probably seen our post about how we suspended selling through DriveThruRPG. It was the right thing for us to do given the circumstances. When we saw the game in question, and more importantly, when we saw DTRPG’s reaction to people’s disgust with the game, we pulled our products. It was an emotional decision.

The Internet is a reactionary place. If you’re not prepared for unexpectedly bad things to happen, you can get caught up. If that happens, if you say or do something dumb and reactionary there should be room for correction. People make mistakes. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and think about things.

DriveThruRPG issued a statement, and announced a new offensive content policy. The people behind DriveThruRPG took the time, and gave the issue some thought. We’ve done the same.

Brian and I read through DTRPG’s new policy. It’s not perfect, and there are holes in it, but it’s a step that will hopefully contribute to making the site a better place. Our industry, too. We are choosing to support those efforts.

As of the posting of this article, Exploding Rogue Studios is re-activating our products on DriveThruRPG.

We want to support and work with companies who make good decisions. DriveThruRPG has done that here. We want them to continue to work to make good decisions and to be a positive place for our industry. We try our best to make diverse, inclusive games. If our games are on DriveThru, we are more visible, and that means there’s a better chance of more people seeing our efforts to diversify and include. That’s important. Us not selling there means that the industry has less ready access to diverse content.

We’re still going to keep our own storefront, and 35% of all sale these through Sept 30 will still go to an anti-rape charity.

This was an important moment for the RPG industry. DTRPG could have ignored this. They chose not to, and that’s laudable. We played a small part in that moment and helped bring visibility to the issue. Now, we can keep working to move in the right direction alongside a a company that is a valuable resource to the industry. That’s good.

We also think it’s important to acknowledge that was have the privilege of being able to extend this good faith to DTRPG. We’re two white, cisgendered, largely heterosexual men who have not been directly affected by sexual assault. We can afford to give DriveThru another chance. There are people who feel differently, and their opinions are valid. Whether you choose to keep doing business with DTRPG is up to you; we’re not suggesting you follow our lead here. For a well-presented opinion on the matter, check out this blog post by Tracy Hurley.