We just did something difficult and re-priced all of the Iron Edda products.

When I ran the Kickstarter almost three years ago, I had a particular product in mind, and I thought that the price point I set then was a good one. A number of factors have combined since then to convince me that I had everything priced too high. I fixed that today.

The price cuts are pretty dramatic. They’re based on the actual price I paid per unit, and they maintain a decent markup based on that price (for those of you who are interested in those kinds of things). I feel, given how well the products have done, and the backstock I’ve got, that this is the right decision.

Here are the new prices:

Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone (Print+PDF) – $14.99
Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone (PDF) – $7.50
Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone (PDF) – $7.50
Iron Edda: Sveidsdottir (Print+Digital) – $6.99

I’ve also chosen to discontinue the print copies of World of Metal and Bone. Sadly, with the new price point, the print-on-demand option at DriveThruRPG isn’t viable for the hardcover, full-color version. We’ll revisit that in the future.

If you’ve been waiting on picking up one of these items, now’s a good time to do it. I love these games, and I think that this is the right thing to do with them.

You can pick up Iron Edda products from the Exploding Rogue Shop, Indie Press Revolution, or DriveThruRPG.