A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling down during the workday, so I offered to make characters for anyone who responded to a tweet I put out. I ended up making 38 different people, each with a tiny bit of backstory and a profession or outlook. I also ended up with two towns, a bunch of subsidiary locations, and some potential connections between those people. I posted the Storify of those people here.

Last night, I sat down and sort of mapped the whole thing out. I used PowerPoint to make a mind map-style representation of Grimsbury, Oldtown, and the other points of interest along Route 53. Take a look.

Maybeck County Area Layout and People

Click to get the full size

I was really pleased with how it turned out. I also tried to make it as accessible as I could, color-wise. I know that the reddish-pink will look like grey to some folks, so I tried to not use anything that was that same color.

I also ended up with three different… well factions isn’t the right word, but it’s close enough. We’ve got the Stickweed Gang, the Bloodliners, and folks who are Seers or Witches. There are a lot of potential connections there. I considered putting in a marker to signify Blue Rock and where it crops up in the setting, but I decided I wanted to think about what it actually is first, see where else it might appear. Maybe I’ll save that for next week.

To make the actual image, I used PowerPoint. Turns out that if you want to make a mind map, the shapes tools in PowerPoint work pretty darn well.

So, what do you think? I see a lot of potential here, and I definitely want to keep expanding on this setting. Do any of the locations and people intrigue you? Does this look like a setup for fiction? an RPG? let me know in the comments.