I’ll admit it: I am terrible when it comes to writing introductory posts. Brian-Bio-2

It’s like being at your first serious boy/girl dance and working up the nerve to talk to Mickey Harris, the brown-haired girl you’ve had a crush on all year. Tonight is the night you’re going ask her to dance. You bought gum because your Mom said to take gum, but when you reach for it, you forgot you had half a Snickers bar in your pocket and it melted because you are chubby and hot and now it looks like you wiped your ass with your bare hand and oh shit she just looked at you!

Yep, that is what’s like (for me anyway). So we’re just going to dive into this thing…

Hi. My name is Brian and I am the cartoonist behind the webcomic d20Monkey, a 3-day a week series that follows the in and out of gameplay exploits of a group of gamer friends. d20Monkey launched in 2010 and is the culmination of a life spent drawing and reading every kind of comic from Bloom County to HellBlazer.

Through d20Monkey, I have had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people in the gaming industry and offer my services as a freelance illustrator and cartographer. My love for comics is only equaled by my love/obsession with tabletop games and RPGs, so being allowed to work in another industry I love has been a joy for me personally.

It was through freelance work that I met Tracy Barnett when we was looking for an illustrator for his game School Daze. Right from the start, Tracy and I clicked creatively. We speak the same shorthand, share similar design and business philosophies, and genuinely just get along really well.

Tracy is the writing Hall to my illustrating Oates.

So a few months ago when he approached me with this idea of partnering up on a more permanent basis, I was intrigued. Sure, I wanted to jump right in but I was scared and excited by the possibilities, like a virgin on prom night. I should explain, my entire career, d20Monkey, my merchandise, and my growth in the industry have been a one-man show. That is a tough mindset to get out of, as your creations are like your kids and you’re not going to let just anyone in the nursery. With Tracy and I, there is a level of trust and mutual respect that is hard to find these days, so I gave it a few days of thought, just to be a real adult about it, and then I dove in with both feet.

Now, here we are with the launch of Exploding Rogue Studios and I could not be more excited. This is an ambitious undertaking and if we get our way, it is going to be amazing. Through Exploding Rogue, we will have a new outlet for creative pursuits and a banner to bring together incredible creators to make the best products possible.

For me, Exploding Rogue will be my outlet for creating new games and gaming products. From systems, to settings, map books, art books, you name it and I probably have pages of notes on it, just waiting for the time and opportunity to bring them to life.

Tracy and I have big plans, kids. Big. Plans.

– Brian