A Thin Veneer of Professionalism
Exploding Rogue Studios was founded in 2014 by Brian F’n Patterson and Tracy Barnett. Exploding Rogue is devoted to creating and publishing games, comics, and books you’d be proud to show your Grandma. That is, if your Grandma likes lovingly crafted mechanics, well-polished  prose, and printed materials infused with the carefully harvested essence of the wild unicorns that frolic in the Exploding Rogue parking lot.
Your Grandma’s into that?
Your Grandma’s pretty cool.

Meet the Team

Brian F’n Patterson

Designer, Illustrator, Webcomic Artist

Born under the crossed signs of southern charm and dick jokes, Brian cartoons, draws, writes and designs as one half of Exploding Rogue. Brian is best known for his webcomic, d20Monkey, and for melting the pants off of anyone who hears the soothing tones of his Tennessee accent. You can find Brian at www.d20monkey.com, @d20monkey, or wherever he hears the cry of a Greyhawk devotee mourning the lack of rebirth for that glorious campaign setting.

  • WIT 55%
  • CHARM 75%
  • DICK JOKES 95%

Tracy Barnett

Game Designer, Author, ENnie Award Winner

Found one day on the side of a lonely road, clutching a broken laptop and a battered copy of the 2nd Edition DMG, Tracy writes and devlops as the second half of Exploding Rogue. Tracy’s first game, School Daze, won a Judge’s Spotlight ENnie in 2013. In 2014, Tracy pioneered the Swedish Duck school of martial arts training, quickly adopted by the Secret Global Police. You can find Tracy at @TheOtherTracy. There is no such thing as the Secret Global Police.

  • WIT 47%
  • CHARM 77%
  • WRITING 81%
  • PUNS 95%